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How to get Iranian Press Visa?

Journalist Applicants need to take following steps for Press visa accordingly:

1. To submit an official request from their respective media introducing the correspondent and indicating their purpose of travel.

2. To provide an intended program of work in Iran

3. To fill out "press application form"

4. Once the approval number is issued, to fill out "online visa application form"

5. After submitting all documents online, the followings need to be delivered to the Embassy;

   a.   The passport, valid for at least 6 months beyond intended stay

   b.   One passport size photo (6*4 cm)

   c.   Visa Grant Notice page with visa barcode (Authorization number).

6. Pay the Visa Fee: you can pay the Visa fee at the Embassy via Bank Cards or deposit the Visa Fee to this Bank account.

   Press Visa Fee: Normal: 560¥- Urgent: 840¥

   Name: Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Beijing

   Bank of China

   No.: 778350019781

7. To register here in order to get their ID card which will be issued in Iran.


Notice: The visa issuance process takes five and one working days for the normal and urgent visa application respectively.

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